Förbundsarenan: Stronger together.


Förbundsarenan (formerly known as Svenska Studieförbundet), is a national coalition of civil society organisations for Swedish-speaking Finns made up of 64 member associations. The aim is to further democratic social development by bringing people together through events, activities and mentoring.

For their upcoming name change to "Förbundsarenan", they issued a competition in which contestants were asked to pitch a new logo and branding concept. My submission, which was awarded first prize, was a brand identity inspired by and celebrating the organisation's core values – unity, sustainability, stability & exchange of knowledge. A clear and professional colour scheme reminiscent of finnish traditional imagery accompanied by modern typography, was used to further visual recognisability and awareness.

The project has further expanded and now includes branding and collateral work for Förbundsarenan's various sub-organisations, such as Organisationskonferensen and Tidskrift.fi which I art direct and develop visuals for.

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  • Art Direction
  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Design
  • Marketing Collateral (Print + Digital)


  • October 2019 – present


  • Helsinki, Finland