Maritime education for the modern age.

Alandica Shipping Academy

Alandica Shipping Academy is a project of the Aland Island government uniting the province's three maritime schools. The project’s main aim is to increase the number of applicants and raise the visibility of Åland as a place of maritime education with great international competitiveness.

Working closely with the development and project management team of the WINTER Agency, my role as the sole designer on the project was to create a strong brand, eye-catching marketing collateral and finally a modern, highly user-centered and scalable website. I built the visual language around maritime symbolism and combined them with more unexpected elements and colours that would create a strong emotional connection across platforms.

The new logo conveys a nautical feeling as well as seriousity and trustworthiness, and is comprised of a visual play on the three maritime schools (represented by the waves) coming togther to form a single institution (the ship).

Website launching soon!


  • Brand Identity
  • Visual Design
  • Marketing Collateral (Print + Digital)
  • UI/UX Design


  • January 2019 – present


  • Åland Islands


  • Project + account management & development by WINTER