With decades of success under their belt, tourism giant Visit Ă…land was ready to embark on a new era. I designed their new digital brand and led the redesign process of the customer-facing, governmental and campaign websites.

  • Deliveries
    • Visual direction
    • Digital brand
    • Website design
  • Role
    • Design lead
  • Team
    • Winter Agency

Visit Ă…land is the tourism agency for the Ă…land Islands. Their aim is to actively promote the consistent development of the local community through tourism initiatives and sponsorships.

The project aim was initially focused on creating a website that was based on Visit Åland’s existing brand. However, as we delved deeper into the project, we realised that adhering strictly to the original brand was impeding our progress.

Our team made the decision to return to the drawing board and began the process of designing a more contemporary digital brand that encapsulated the unique essence of the Ă…land Islands.

With the new brand in place, we made several suggestions for an improved content structure. We investigated how editorial design principles can be translated to scalable digital components and enhance the overall user experience.

We made sure that the new design system was applied consistently across all the platforms, including the business portals and campaign pages, to maintain brand alignment and consistency. The outcome: A user-friendly, intuitive and accessible digital experience to attract visitors from around the world.