Some prefer to maintain the status quo, others strive to pioneer innovation. Fynn aims to change the way we approach energy saving, and I was tasked with helping them find their (visual) voice.

  • Deliveries
    • Digital brand
    • UX research
    • UX/UI design
    • Messaging
  • Role
    • Design lead
  • Team
    • Winter Agency
  • Timeline
    • 2022

Today, energy efficiency is a top concern – and Fynn's app is here to help people save thousands. By storing away any excess energy produced by your solar panels during the day, a fynn user's house is essentially turned into a powerful battery. With real-time and historical data, the app provides accurate overviews of your energy usage and expenses, and allows you to control your smart home devices from one centralized platform.

I helped fynn develop their digital brand and led the UI/UX design for the app. Our goal was to make energy-saving technologymore accessible to the average user, and to reflect it both in the brand and the product itself. We conducted extensive competitor research, and carefully considered different approaches to the products central data design that would help clearly visualise the fynn technology and it's benefits.

Additionally, I assisted fynn in crafting a holistic content and messaging strategy. This meant reshaping both the communication targeted towards potential stakeholders and investors as well as reworking marketing materials at a D2C level.

The fynn team is currently participating in financing rounds. The app is set to be released later this year.