Some companies are steady sailors, others are innovation trailblazers. Fynn want to change how we think about energy saving, and I was tasked with helping them find their (visual) voice.


UI / UX lead

Brand strategy

Content strategy


Winter Agency



2021 – now

With more and more people investing in solar energy, energy efficiency and power saving are on the rise. The fynn app helps you save thousands by storing any surplus energy not used during the day and essentially turning your house into a battery. You'll receive accurate overviews of real-time data and data history,visualizing both your energy usage and your expenditure at all times, and will be able to manage all your smart home devices from one single place. I helped Fynn with their digital brand, led the UI/UX process for the app and outlined their content strategy for pitches and social media marketing.

The Fynn team is currently participating in financing rounds and the app is set to be released later this year.